Classmate Search

We would like to locate EVERY CLASSMATE.  If you would like to help us locate them, here are some websites to try:
Department of Justice-Missing Persons Search:
If you find someone, please email the info to:   If you have his or her email address, just click on the name below and follow the instructions.  Thank you.
Here are the Classmates we're still trying to locate:

Ronald Barnett
Lucinda Bouffard
Guy Chace
Debbie Chamberlain (Smith)
Robert Cordner
Thomas Croteau
Margaret Davis
Michael Devins
Karen Durward
Debra Fahey (Clark)
Lisa Farina
Monica Farrell
Mark Goodell
Stephen Hartwell
William Jackson
Michael McCurdy
Barbara McTague
Terry Moore
Patricia Pembroke
Paul Pembroke
Joseph Rosinski
Randy Saari
Nancy Salmon
Mark Simpson
Gordon Smyth
Sally Starkey (Payne)
Robert Steiner
Cheryl Towsley
Diane Venne
Gale Woodward