Do other Classmates or the public have access to my email address?

NO.  To protect your privacy, your email address is stored only within the website.  You can decide who you wish to provide your email address to and notify the Classmate(s) privately.

The website uses Message Center for your use in communicating with other Classmates.  Click on Message Center under Member Functions on the left side.  You should receive a notification in your regular email inbox from Classcreator stating that you have a message waiting in Message Center. Once you log in to this website, you will be able to retrieve the message.

How will I receive emails from the website?

Emails to all registered Classmates will be sent to you from: noreply@classcreator.net so please add this email address to your Address Book or to your spam filter's Approved List. This is called whitelisting.

What are examples of emails that I may receive?

You'll receive emails about upcoming events, general announcements affecting Classmates and other important news.  In addition, you may occasionally receive an email reminding you to update your Profile.

Can I post my own photos or videos on the website?

  • YES!  You can upload photos of your family, vacations, old photos from days gone by, etc. - anything you want to share.  Click on either Memory Lane Pix or Photo Gallery under the menu on the left and follow the directions there.
  • You can also add photos to your Profile by clicking EDIT/UPLOAD PHOTOS under Member Functions on the left.
  • Each photo is automatically resized to fit on your Profile page
  • You can also upload any of your own videos that you've posted to YouTube.com by clicking on the Edit Profiles link, then following the instructions.
  • You can add or delete your own photos or videos at any time.

What if I didn't graduate from Keene High School, but attended there briefly?  Or maybe I attended Keene Junior High School or one of Keene's elementary schools.  Can I still join?

Absolutely!  We consider any attendee of the above schools to be a fellow Classmate.  We're all about reconnecting with old friends!

I've lost my yearbook, or didn't purchase one, can I buy another?

Keene High School has told us that they do not have any additional copies of the 1971 Salmagundi for sale, though we did not ask about other years.  You may contact them directly at 603-352-0640 and ask if they have any to sell.

Or, we often see yearbooks for sale on ebay.com so you could try that, too.  In addition, classmates.com has some yearbooks posted and continues to add more.

Who designs and maintains this website?

This website was designed by Classmates who also maintain the site using a web-based application called ClassCreator.com (CC).  CC provides websites to high schools, colleges, alumni associations, as well as other non-class groups, worldwide.

Who pays for this website and our domain name (www.keene71.com)?

These websites are normally funded from the class treasury.  Should funds not be available, a DONATE button will be added to the Home Page so Classmates can help to keep the website and domain name going.

Does ClassCreator rent, sell, or in any way profit from having our names, addresses, and personal information?

  • No.  CC does not rent or sell any Classmate information or engage in any marketing or solicitation to Classmates.
  • All personal contact information is held strictly confidential.
  • CC does not sell advertising on the website, nor does it display banner ads or pop-up windows.