Gordon Davis

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Gordon Davis
Residing In: Keene, NH USA
Spouse/Partner: Fatima
Homepage: singer4488@yahoo.com
Current occupation: QA Manager
Children: Nicholi,age 15yrs, Alicia,age 27
Yes! Attending Reunion
My nickname:

GD and God ,thanks to Deb F.,Shelly, and a few other very cute ladies"well; don't ya think the nic name stuck"!!!

Previous occupations, etc.:

Half my HS yrs in Knoxville TN..Came back home,to the ones I always loved..This place holds memories,never replaced,when growing up as a kid,with nothing,just got to make something..And I did learn that here..Hitchin' Post,,ohhhh music,music,music,with all friends,has been most of my life..Never wasted,I have traveled all over the world ,almost a dozen times..And it was Keene,that kept my eyes open,and where I wanted to come back to..


Not yet:)

Grade school/junior high school:


College/Secondary Education:

UT,Tenn. Valley Tech.


Traveled all over the world,always come back home to Keene..Best place to raise a family on earth.Understand what you have,and be thankful..

School story:

Loved the music scene here as well the sport tradition..Moved away to Knoxville,and came back home 1973. Memories,Mojo Hand,Grapes Of Wrath,and "The Naked Grape"LOL
Ahh but Shelly "C" it is all your fault!!!!") The way I ended up!!!!!! Ya spooked me,but it was sweet!!!!!!!!!!

My favorite memory of Keene High School:

It's just "Boots" to you!! :) And the Chior.my best to St Piere", a cool man..Ohh Dances with F Moy,tis where I discovered my passion for nice girls and family..Have to thank you,as you may have never known...My love is in Asia,it is my passion,with women,life,cooking and family..Ohh Football,and baseball with my partner John B..what an awe inspired Pitcher..I could call a game ,a batter,and man ,John would bring it!!!!!!I never got to tell him,I loved him,how his connection with me,on a baseball field,so inspired me...Pretty shy guy way back when,even if I wanted to be a R&R singer:)Had "Respect" for my elders and so much for F Moy..Kind of busted me up when her family left Keene,mmm and then i left too..............

My least favorite memory of Keene High School:

Ohhh yeah and Mrs."E" :)Well thanks Mrs "E",for liking my poems,it got me past Soph. English..Mmm and made me continue writing lyric.

Favorite hangouts:

Hitchin Post,and any dance I got to be with FM, and with my Band mates..

I skipped school:


Teacher(s) who influenced me the most at KHS:

Mrs "E",where I first leaned to write lyric.

What I did right after high school:

Traveled the world,Phillipine,Malaysia,Singapore,Thailand,Ukraine,Poland,all over USA..Played R&B from 13yrs to 46yrs..Joyed in the love of cooking Asian style dishes,oooooooooohh do I have recipes!!!!

States I've lived in since graduation:

Tenn..Discovered much,and thanks to Leo,John George,Rick and Dean..

Favorite vacation spot(s):

Penang,Pi Pi Island, KL, Puket,Manila,Gingoog,Singapore,Kiev,Dnepropetrovsk, My own back yard:)

Places I'd like to travel:

More tropical beaches in the Phillipines.With my Fati!!!!!!

Favorite music:

Love lots,but most love Mike D's..

Cool things I've done:

Writing music with Mike D,having followed a dream until the end..Getting married to Fati,best thing I've ever done!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reason to a long and crazy life..

Words of wisdom:

Keep after goals,and be thankful for what you have and where you have been....You do not know how lucky you are to live here,well maybe some of you do:)

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It has been many, many years gone by,I still have a memory of Sue,a sweet soul,always smiles and bring you in. May you rest well and soon with us all,bless,G D


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I'm 58yrs young and have a wonderful 10yr old son ,"Nicholi"
Posted: Dec 17, 2013 at 1:17 AM
12 String Guitar ,long ago music.
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Hey My lovely English thing..